You will be working with a professional bridal consultant who will guide you through the amazing journey of finding the dress! Both you and your consultant will browse gowns and she will assist you putting them on, it definitely takes a helping hand!

No, but there is a “no show” fee of $50. You may cancel 48hrs before and will not experience a fee.

All bridal appointments 1.5 hours.

Gowns start at $200 and top off at $3,500.00 , with the average being around $800.00 -$1,500.00. Please call for more detailed information.

4 to 7 months depending on a few variables. Please call to request more detailed information. We are sometimes able to acquire gowns much sooner!

All wedding gown sales are final sales, there are no refunds, exchanges or returns on special order items. These rules also apply to our prom, pageant and formal wear department. 

While we don’t have a seamstress in store, we do have a seamstress two doors down from our bridal store who typically has the same hours as our bridal store and will come pin you in store

Our seamstresses are separate from our store and set their own prices

On average we like to have 3 months before the wedding and/or bridal photo shoots, however we can always expedite. This depends on the dress and the amount of work involved. For the most accurate information please call to schedule a consultation

Wedding gowns are made to be altered and taken apart. However every gown is different, please call for more detailed information.

We do not serve alcohol. However, we do often offer many of our customers a complimentary glass of wine or champagne in celebration!

Please be sure to wear nude undergarments

Anyone who is special to you is special to us! Just remember that large groups can be overwhelming and cause undue stress for you as the bride. We suggest that you bring your nearest and dearest. People who you are confident will be true to your personal style and letting this be YOUR time to shine! Preferably no more than 5 people. Once you find your wedding dress we can invite a larger group in for a follow-up appointment to show them the wedding gown you chose!

We accept all forms of payment (cash, check, credit card). We do offer layaway for our brides. For special order gowns, we require a 50% deposit. For gowns purchased off the rack, we offer a 30% down layaway option. A minimum $50 payment must be made every 30 days and can remain on layaway for up to one year only.

We love to start with our focus completely on the bride! While we are a full service bridal boutique, we rarely have time to work with styling the rest of the wedding party during the bride’s appointment. Once the bridal appointment is in full swing, our brides are changing in and out of multiple gowns and we’d hate for anyone with her to miss the first look at what could be THE dress because of any distractions. HOWEVER, if you’d like to schedule your bridesmaids or mother’s appointment on the same day as the bride’s appointment, we may be able to accommodate that

Yes! Sizes are important to us. We want to ensure every person has a dress to try on when they enter our store! In our bridal store we carry sizes 2-30 and sizes 000-24 in our formal wear store. We can also clamp the dress if it is too big and provide coverage if too small

We love kids! But, the proximity of our store is very small and loud babies or children can be disruptive.

There is no perfect number of gowns to try on. Some brides find their dress at their first store, and other brides don’t. Sometimes brides try on 50 gowns, only to end up with the very first one they put on. Sometimes a bride comes in with pictures of a gown from Pinterest, but ends up falling for something completely different after trying it on. There is no formula, and that’s ok! Everyone reacts differently to finding the dress. Picture this: You’re standing in front of the mirror, wearing a dress that is likely “the one”. How will you feel? Your personality will dictate how you react, more than anything else. Are you sentimental? You may get a “feeling” or cry in it (especially if mom does)! Are you a planner? You may arrive at a carefully considered decision, after weighing your different options. Are you a tomboy? You may just pick your favorite like it’s no big deal. Everyone’s moment of truth is different. Trust your gut.